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The United States is a secure place to invest.

Portfolio and market diversification are outstanding guarantees of success for investors, and if you are looking at an exciting option, consider the U.S. market. International Investor Survey ranks the country with the most significant real estate investment opportunities and the most secure to do it. Here are some significant reasons to keep in mind:

1.- American investments are constantly looking for yield. 

Investing in the U.S. offers a solid foundation for growth by ensuring that this profit is safeguarded in dollars and making money.

Consider that having dollars will always give you a plus in economic peace of mind if you come from a less developed country. So if you are planning to make a significant financial effort, you can have the security of recovering the capital and continuing to grow.

2.- Legal security. 

There are countries where the real estate market does not even guarantee peace of mind, let alone profits. Fortunately, the United States is not part of that list. The law here respects and protects property, regardless of where the capital comes from, and it is one of the virtues of the country where legal protection takes care of any investor.

3.- Economic stability. 

The guarantee of economic stability in the USA is one of the main reasons thousands of investors start a business there. This year, the real estate sector was one of the fastest growing. Houses are selling in 24 hours, between 10 and 12% above market price, and have the lowest interest rates in the last 30 years. So, if you invest in this industry, it is a very stable business, and you can have migratory stability.


Considering these points, you have the opportunity to analyze, value, and invest in real estate in the USA. If you have capital that you wish to use to obtain profitability in the medium or long term, go ahead and apply to our Invest program, which offers an integrated solution to qualified investors who wish to develop a new business venture and relocate to the U.S. through an E-2 visa. 

These are some of the Invest program benefits:

These are to mention a few. If you want to know more, please contact us, and we will gladly schedule a personal appointment to clarify your doubts.


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