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Top Housing Locations For Real Estate Investors

According to Forbes, Millennials are experiencing a massive wave of people turning 30 in the next few years, an age when many people consider buying a home. That’s how they are becoming the most important target for the Real Estate market. 

Additionally, 2021 brought a great opportunity with lower interest rates that allow them to stretch their budgets and buy bigger houses.

With that in mind, many Real Estate investors are laying their eye on these top housing locations in the U.S.!


Woodlands, Texas, is ranked the best place to live in the United States in 2021!

According to Niche, a company that ranks best places to live using data from the U.S. Census and resident reviews, The Woodlands provides a superior education, public safety, cultural events, and many business opportunities at affordable prices.

Additionally, WalletHub ranks Texas as having the 12th best state economy based on GDP growth. It is also one of the most tax-friendly states in the country. This state doesn’t require that residents pay taxes on their income.

Texas is considered excellent for its education as it has two of the most popular and most prominent public universities in the U.S.: The University of Texas and The A&M University, along with several other highly-rated midsize colleges and private universities.

Furthermore, this city is known for its beautiful public spaces, with over 140 parks, 220 miles to hike, and bike trails, which have grown in popularity thanks to the social distancing during the pandemic. These are some of the reasons why many Millennials and upcoming homebuyers will be looking at this city to establish and build their futures.


No wonder why Aspen, Colorado, has become a top destination, known primarily for its beautiful landscapes and skiing vacations.


This city has great environmental values, tech-savvy and friendly neighborhood.

Aspen is also a top location in U.S. for families because it has a year-round activities. It has a varied landscape enough to do plenty of hiking, skiing, biking, climbing, skating, swimming, riding and enjoying creative outdoor campus! 

Plus, it is popular for its delicious food, which combines many cultures and arts.


Last but not least, for those that like the breeze of summer, Florida has it all Including population growth, job opportunities, and affordability.

The sunshine state is known mainly for its hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches and Latin-American cultural influences. This city is also home to popular tourist attractions such as Disney parks, SeaWorld, and top golf courses.

There’s no shock why Florida is considered the 2nd best city for young professionals. Its wonderful housing opportunities and low cost of living, keep attracting business professionals and Silicon Valley elites to flock away from California to Florida and Texas.

Furthermore, Tampa’s population has more further education. than average. Over 32% of them have bachelor’s degrees. Hence, why many have succeeded in this city and why it’s become a top housing location in the U.S.


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